Our focus is tightly fixed on this core collection of specialist services we have listed for you below. We are always keen to listen with  care and with courtesy to ensure we properly understand your wishes and our brief. It is only then that we can work together  to deliver the appropriate quality in the context of your culture and in the light of your goals.

Just because you have  scissors does not mean it is a good idea to cut your own hair. When we are so close to our own work, we can sometimes lose the ability to see it clearly. An alert and accurate proofreader does not need to be fussy or pedantic to thoroughly check and sensitively polish your text.

Making a text that is complex seem clear without losing any of its truth is not an easy task. Before anything else, great content must be readable and fit-for-purpose. It must also be coherent and compelling. To stand out from the ordinary and the mediocre then it also helps for it to be memorable and sharp.

The style and tone of the text along with vocabulary and internal consistency are the main preoccupations of the good copy-editor. His or her responsibilities are very broad and require a sharp focus on structure as well as accuracy, actively looking for anomalies and cleaning up the text while keeping a keen eye on the technical and legal aspects of publishing.

Qualitative research and ethnography requires much more than an understanding of methodologies and the appropriate application of techniques such as Grounded and Engaged Theory. An analytical approach works best when accompanied by a sensitive and attuned sensibility to find connections and to offer new insights.

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